• file transfer
  • web to print
  • cross media

The Basics and Beyond

GHP clients know they can depend on us for the latest in internet technology to support file transfer and facilitate working with files on line; but our capabilities go well beyond this. Developments in internet and print technology are linking media platforms like never before and giving you both more options and greater control in promoting your products and services.

Web to Print and Digital Storefront

Web-to-print, or print-on-demand, delivers:

  • reduced supply chain/distribution costs
  • brand control
  • easy customization
  • reduced obsolescence
  • convenience, speed, and accuracy

GHP’s  digital storefront, our online print ordering portal, allows approved users to create, proof, and produce marketing collateral online. Your digital storefront is fully branded and customizable. Access is password protected. Both static (templated) and customized (variable data) materials can be ordered. After “creating” a piece, the user proofs it on screen, adds it to the cart, and checks out. The order is then sent directly into our workflow, digitally printed, and shipped. The Storefront delivers brand, image, and quality control and makes ordering customized materials easy, quick, and economical.

Web-to-Print: the Next Generation

GHP is now leveraging its digital storefront technology and its reputation as a fine art printer to create on-demand books using images from the collection of a major American art museum. This system, supported by proprietary software, allows individuals to go online and create a book of images of their favorite works from the museum’s collection. They are able to include a dedication page and choose a title for their book that appears on the spine. The book is then sent electronically to GHP where it is printed digitally and custom bound.

Museum staff are also using the system to create curated exhibition-specific catalogs for traveling exhibitions which print economically at lower quantities than would be required for major exhibition catalogs