• file transfer
  • job engineering
  • image editing
  • color correction
  • scanning
  • proofing
  • plating

The technology engine that drives your project

A lot happens between when you upload a file and when your job goes to press. At GHP we are committed to getting things right from the start by harnessing the power of the latest developments in prepress technology. Whether you are a designer, CMO, publisher, or an art director, whether your final product is a newsletter, direct marketing piece, art catalog, or annual report, you can’t get the result you are looking for on-press if the prepress phase – job engineering, file modification, image editing, color correction, scanning, plating and screening – is not done right.

GHP’s prepress operation, supported by a PDF-based workflow, delivers:

  • ease of use – simplified file transfer and retrieval
  • greater flexibility and control – multiple remote users review simultaneously
  • remote proofing
  • reduced cycle time and errors
  • increased predictability on press

Special Capabilities

  • extensive experience in database publishing and workflow automation (valuable for static format repeating projects)
  • a fully-equipped digital photography studio and professional photographer on staff

We go beyond…

Recently, in a meeting with a major fashion client, the GHP salesperson realized that the client’s process for producing merchandising guides did not leverage the latest technology. The salesperson and our prepress workflow manager analyzed the client’s workflow and recommended that rather than redesigning merchandise guides repeatedly, they upload runway fashion shots and drag and drop them into a template – reducing costs and decreasing production time.