G7 Master Printer Status

GHP has been awarded G7 Master Printer status by the IDEAlliance organization.

Printers who are G7-certified have demonstrated that, when printing on a specified substrate, they can achieve a color match within a very narrow tolerance, time after time.

G7 is a set of guidelines and recommendations used as a reference source in the graphic arts industry for quality color printing. Unlike previous standards, which focused on “dot gain” and density, G7 is 100% “colorimetric”, focusing on data for gray balance.

The new standards were developed by the “GRACoL” Committee, (General Requirements for the Application of Commercial Offset Lithography). Their goal is to reliably achieve a close “visual match” from proof to press.” The new standards are based on principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometry, and computer to plate (CtP) technologies.

How You Benefit

When a printer can reliably match color from proof to press time after time you gain:

  • Greater predictability
  • Improved control
  • Increased speed
  • Improved brand/image consistency

Achieving color matches reliably has always been what separates good from great printers. GHP has been meeting or exceeding G7 color reproduction standards for some time. We took the step of seeking G7 certification to demonstrate our commitment to this goal and our proficiency in meeting it.