Fine Art

GHP has gained global recognition for its expertise in fine art production, ranging from elegant gallery invitations to elaborate coffee table books with extensive page counts. The reputation of GHP as the ultimate destination for critical reproductions, a distinguished specialization of the company, has solidified its status as the go-to source in this field.

Print is where we started, and it’s where we still excel.

We bring your vision to life! When your project demands meticulous attention to color accuracy and a pursuit of unparalleled quality, seeking the guidance of experts is imperative. Our services reflect more than eighty years of operational expertise, from color retouching, high-quality print, through specialized binding techniques.

Backed by the collective capability of numerous graphic arts professionals, we offer an extensive pool of talent at your disposal. Whether your project involves the reproduction of a unique gallery artwork, the creation of a museum book, the production of art posters, or any other collateral materials, our commitment to quality remains unwavering. For all your fine art reproduction requirements, GHP stands as your comprehensive destination, providing a seamless, all-encompassing solution.

Today’s presses are guided by computers, yet the skill and judgement of the human operators remain vital in ensuring your happiness with the final outcome. At GHP, we encourage press checks and cooperative efforts to attain the industry’s highest standards.
With digital, you get the value of short-run color with endless possibilities for customizing text and images. GHP maintains the newest and latest technology in the industry with a fleet of presses dedicated to delivering.

This means improved control and improved brand/image consistency regardless of the process or device utilized in the manufacturing process.