Printing – Offset & Digital

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The heart of the business

Print is where we started. And it’s where we still excel. Even copy shops can put ink on paper; but if your project is color critical and your goal is unsurpassed quality, you need to consult the experts. When you print here, you have 80 years of expertise at your service. You have the talents of 150 graphic arts professionals at your disposal. Whether you are printing a business card or an annual report, a postcard or an art catalog, our quality standards are the same.

GHP’s sheetfed-offset operation — small and large format — is second to none. Our pressmen are fine craftsmen. Today’s presses are computer guided, but the experience and judgment of the humans controlling them are still critical factors in your satisfaction with the end result. Stochastic printing is our standard.  We welcome press checks.

Digital/variable data printing — maximizes response rates through personalization and customization. With digital, you get affordable short-run color and almost unlimited possibilities for customizing text and images.

Results — As a G7-certified Master Printer, GHP can match proof to press precisely and reliably. This means: greater predictability; improved control; increased speed; and improved brand/image consistency.  We print many projects stochastically,  delivering superb results by producing  continuous tones while avoiding moirés.

We go beyond…

The designer of an invitation for a major fashion house wanted a substrate that simulated highly varnished wood. Instead, GHP sourced ultra-thin sheets of wood veneer. To achieve the color desired by the designer, GHP put the wood through the press, then engraved the event information and applied several coats of varnish.