• die-cutting
  • folding
  • gluing
  • binding
  • padding
  • collating
  • kitting

Maintaining control

GHP has everything you need to transform your project into its final shape under one roof. Retaining control of your projects from the file to the end product minimizes the chances of problems and delays.   In addition to the standard finishing services, GHP also has a sizable hand-work department for those projects requiring the personal touch.

We go beyond…

A retailer of high-end fashion watches selected GHP to print and assemble pieces of its package for international distributors. The package included a supplied DVD and sleeve to be affixed to an accompanying brochure.GHP did not receive the adhesive holder from the client until the day the job was scheduled to deliver, but assembled a SWAT team to insert the DVD’s into the sleeves, apply the adhesive, and affix the sleeves to the brochures. Our vehicle delivered the completed packages in time for the meeting.