• file transfer
  • web to print
  • cross media

The Basics and Beyond

GHP clients know they can depend on us for the latest in internet technology to support file transfer and facilitate working with files on line; but our capabilities go well beyond this. Developments in internet and print technology are linking media platforms like never before and giving you both more options and greater control in promoting your products and services.

Web to Print and the GHP E-Store

Web-to-print, or print-on-demand, delivers:

  • reduced supply chain/distribution costs
  • brand control
  • easy customization
  • reduced obsolescence
  • convenience, speed, and accuracy

A GHP E-Store, our online print ordering portal, allows approved users to create, proof, and produce marketing collateral online. Your digital storefront is fully branded and customizable. Access is password protected. Both static (templated) and customized (variable data) materials can be ordered. After “creating” a piece, the user proofs it on screen, adds it to the cart, and checks out. The order is then sent directly into our workflow, digitally printed, and shipped. The E-Store delivers brand, image, and quality control and makes ordering customized materials easy, quick, and economical.


QR code

Use your tag reader to view video.

Cross media campaigns drive customers from one platform to another. QR (quick response) codes are two-dimensional bar codes placed on printed material and readable by smart phones and barcode readers.  They look like bit-mapped postage stamps and are content-rich—capable of containing over 7000 characters. Placed in print campaigns they can drive customers to websites, landing pages, special offers, or to a store location list.  Customers download a “reader app” to their Smartphone, take a picture of the code, and are automatically directed to the target location. Ad space can be expensive. QR codes dramatically expand the potential of print ads. They also allow automatic uploading of contact information.

We go beyond…

“(We) had small window of time to provide several creative assets to be displayed at a prominent ad agency in Boston.  In addition to traditional posters and banners, we wanted to include QR codes on custom display transparencies that would be featured in light boxes in high traffic areas.  Even in a short amount of time, GHP was able to provide all the information and assets we needed, and to quickly solve any problems that arose due to timing or technology. We look forward to using GHP to implement more QR code technology in many future projects.”—Karen Chute, Marketing Manager MNI